About Us

Wild Atlantic Gifts will build a proud reputation of successfully offering Visitors to Malin Head handmade gifts and souvenirs that will stand the test of time.

Wild Atlantic Gifts operates one very successful retail store in Malin Head, Co. Donegal. Our store is located at Ireland’s Most Northerly point, Malin Head (opposite the ruins of the Lloyds Signal Tower) and offers a unique experience of individual "shop in shop" with lovingly created art and crafts all from local crafters.

Our store is dedicated to the joys of gifting, offering a magical retail experience through the successful implementation of "centre of excellence" merchandising and a firm policy of selling only the highest quality gifts to suit all budgets

Wild Atlantic Gifts is 100% Irish owned and operated. Its central warehouse, manufacturing plant, dispatch centre and online store are all operated from our home

on the Inishowen Peninsula, Dunargus, Malin Head, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


Wild Atlantic Gifts -  Malin Head & Proud !!!!


Setting up our " Pop up " shop beside the Tower in Malin Head.

We are the publisher and distributor for the  Prints, Books and Greeting Cards of Inishowen based Artist  and Illustrator John Quigley.

The Art of John Quigley

Ypres Designs

Hand Made Jewellery




Algaran Seaweed Soap & Dulce


New locally produced products just added to our extensive range.

Candles made from Soy wax.

Soy wax is biodegradable and any spillages are easily

cleaned using soap and warm water

Not only environmentally friendly but one of the

longest burning candles available


It has high moisturising properties and leaves the skin soft and hydrated

Pure organic ex foliating Castile soap based on seaweed extract and powder.

Soaps are scented with different organic essential oils, packed in Florence Tulle on Rainbow colours (a pleasant combination of

 Algotherapy, Aromatherapy and Cromotherapy).

Inishowen Candles

How to Find Us

 Wild Atlantic Gifts,

Dunargus, Malin Head,


Co. Donegal, Ireland.